Home Remedies for a Shiny Teeth!

Oil Pulling:

In the Asian country, India, oil pulling is one of the ancient methods of maintaining oral hygiene and overall health. Though there are no evidence associated to prove that oil pulling has successfully helped in getting a shinier tooth, it’s been supported by many celebrities from the nation and many books. Oil pulling is a natural way of removing bacteria from the mouth, be it in the teeth or in the gums or overall in the mouth. This method pulls out all the bacteria present in the mouth and clears it effectively. This method also has a benefit of strengthening gums and improving overall oral hygiene apart from whitening teeth alone.

The Whiter tooth is always a dream of many. We always aspire to have teeth like celebrities, shining like a pearl, as white as possible. The foods that we eat, leave stains on our teeth too, causing it to get into discolouration. But, sometimes even after knowing that certain foods cause teeth staining, we can never get rid of them, especially the beverages. Coffee and wine are one of the top beverages that are found to leave a stain on the tooth, and no wonder we aren’t ready to give up.


They are the beverages that will keep you fresh and young looking and giving it up isn’t easy. So, ultimately, what’s the way to achieve our dream of pearly white teeth? Is it to be given up? No!! No need to give up your dreams of having shiny white teeth, common it’s a small dream, in the ocean of many others. Yes, you have a lot of ways to whiten your teeth, the basic one being few home remedies, which doesn’t have side effects. At the same time, the effectiveness is also not so great, but worth for a better shiny teeth, though not pearly white.


It's cost-effective and can be done anytime you, please. The next way to get pearly white teeth is using whitening strips. Yes, whitening strips are the most commonly used strips for a whiter teeth, and it’s been publicised by most of the celebrities. They give you 100% results, shiner and cleaner teeth, always. But, today we shall talk about the easiest and convenient way of getting whiter teeth, using home remedies. This is the most widely used method that we have seen so far. So, here we reveal how you can whiten your teeth just with few ingredients at home.

Use of Baking Soda:


Baking soda is a natural bleaching agent and can cleanse any stains. Using it for effectively clearing the tooth from stains is a good idea. Though it’s a mild coarse product, it helps in cleaning your tooth and making it shine.


People used to use sesame oil and other oils for oil pulling then, but now, you can use coconut oil for the same, which has a multitude of benefits, and zero side effects. When there is no harm, it’s not wrong to give it a try.

Hence we see few toothpaste brands that contain baking soda as a component in them, and using them will help in whitening teeth over a period of time. You can do this approximately thrice a week. Mix a teaspoon of soda, with double the quantity of water and brush them generally.


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Apple cider Vinegar:

Yes, this product has also been seen as an effective way of reducing stains and discolouration of the tooth and can be used at home to whiten stained teeth. It’s a disinfectant and contains natural cleansing agents within. You are not advised to use them often since it’s an acid. Using regularly will remove the enamel on your teeth. To use, dilute it with water and rinse in your mouth, just like oil pulling and then spit out. You can use once a week.

Fruits like Strawberry and Pineapple:

Strawberry has malic acid, which is eligible to clear off stains from the teeth. Combining it with baking soda will make your teeth shine, using it over a period of time, like for a month at a stretch. One disadvantage of this is they are known only to clear on the external layer, and not into the internal layer. Pineapple has an enzyme that is said to have whitening properties. You can rub the fruit against your teeth and get the benefits or just chew them well, and let the magic happen over a few days’ time. These methods are safe and effective to some extent, say 60%. Worth giving a try!