The Company

You can see that the gums loosen up andthe enamel being eroded for people in the age group of 50+. The reason is bad oral hygiene and wrong choice of toothpaste, whichhad plenty of chemicals to bring this situation. We are proud to say and declare that we are certified and awarded by the FDA, for the innovative thoughtand the list of ingredients that are certified as edible and safe for children as well.

Teeth and oral hygiene areone of the most neglected partsofthe population of the globe. Few consider that a simple brushing once a day will keep them healthyorally. But, to be frank, not just brushing, flossing and other oral hygiene activitiesshould be followed regularly and also, food limitations and inclusions should be taken care to stay healthy orally.

We are specialistsin oral care, and in the recent years after much research and study have come up with our own brandof toothpastewhich is 100% safe containing naturally cleansingand whitening agents that contain no side effects.After years together of study and research by our scientist's research doctors, we have made the first attempt to include all natural organics toothpaste, that is the need of the hour. Thereare hundreds of brands across the globe, who have traces of chemicals in them. Thesechemicals rather than cleaning the tooth, pose a threat to the teeth and gums in the long run. It'snot a single man'seffort, but a collaboration of many minds and continuousefforts and hardships are hidden in this product. The journey wasn't easy, butyes it'sworthwhile! With loyal patrons and clientslike you, we are sure to climb the ladder of success and sure to invent andinnovate many more things in the oral hygiene category.